We are Vibranta
Where technology fuels innovation, and our people drive success. Join us as we shape the future together.

Proven Success

Welcome to Vibranta!

We are a company with a mission to transform technology into opportunities, and we operate in several exciting areas, including telecommunications, fiber networks, app development, website development, and marketing. We believe in the power of synergies within our industry, and we take pride in being a driving force for innovation.

Vibranta is more than just a company – we are a family. Our focus is not only on technology but also on our talented employees who are the heart of our success. We are committed to investing in our employees, and this is reflected in our dedication to maintaining a positive atmosphere. We organize regular gatherings and team-building events to strengthen the bonds among us and to maintain high morale among our team.

At Vibranta, we value transparency and great chemistry in the workplace. We believe that an employee is the most valuable investment, and we seek individuals who share our vision and want to grow with us in the coming decades. We encourage employees to feel a sense of ownership in the company and foster their growth and development.

We are determined to have fun at Vibranta while maintaining professionalism and high motivation. We embrace each day as a chance to elevate each other, partner closely with our clients, and together, aspire to new pinnacles of success. With our passion for technology and our commitment to our employees and customers, we look forward to shaping the future together.

Welcome to Vibranta – where technology meets opportunities, and people are our greatest strength.


Chief Executive Officer

Dan Petter Tveit


Chief Sales Officer

Martin Lockwood Meyer


Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Hatlestad